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Would you like to see your own work here? You can! We are always looking for more contributors. Whether you are a photographer, a videographer, a writer, or want to contribute in some other way, we would be glad to talk to you.  Every bit of our content comes from people who put their time and effort into sharing their passion for aviation. They work on photos, articles, graphics, layout, editing, and more. If you have an idea, or even just an interesting story you want told, we will help you make it happen!  We also have plenty of ideas of our own if you need some inspiration.

AirshowStuff contributors not only get to be part of a top-notch publication, they also get their work seen by tens of thousands of people. Most regular contributors are also eligible for media credentials at airshows, allowing them special access to some of the top events and performers in the world.  Getting started is easy!  At first you'll be an "independent contributor" and can submit images, videos, or articles from shows you attend, along with any feature articles you wish to write.  If you prove to be a quality contributor, you may be invited to become a "regular contributor", making you eligible for media credential support at events.  Before you submit, make sure to read the rules that ALL contributors must follow:

  • You must own the copyrights to all submitted works and publishing them must not infringe the rights of others. 

  • Contributors may not contact any event media representatives, military public affairs officers or other media sources on behalf of AirshowStuff nor identify themselves as doing any type of work or gathering material for AirshowStuff without permission.

  • Contributors attend events at their own risk and judgement and are solely responsible, financially and otherwise, should they cause any injury or damage or suffer any injury or damage.

  • Contributors may not use the AirshowStuff or AirshowStuff Magazine names or logos on anything without permission.

  • Contributors are legally considered independent contractors, and are not employees of AirshowStuff.

  • By submitting works, you grant AirshowStuff a non-exclusive license to modify and publish them, and agree to follow these rules.

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